Our Curriculum
Our Curriculum

Our award winning curriculum is powered by The International Dermal Institute, the global leaders in post graduate skin care education. From learning about our cutting edge Dermalogica formulas to strengthening your hands-on skills for the ultimate treatment experience, our wide range of workshops and online educational resources will boost your knowledge, confidence and business success.


Our Training Centres provide an interactive learning environment away from daily business operations to maximize the time you have dedicated to training. Attend our workshops as many times as you need as they are available ongoing to all employees working at an authorized Dermalogica Skin Centres free of charge.


Dermalogica workshops require that Professional Skin Therapists are Dermalogica Certified or higher.

New to Dermalogica education or not yet Dermalogica Certified?

Professional Skin Therapists can register for and complete Dermalogica D.N.A. to become Dermalogica Certified and take all other workshops offered in our curriculum.

Dermalogica D.N.A. will ensure that every interaction with every customer is about Personalization, Education, and Human Touch; the key to providing an authentic Dermalogica experience.

This exciting 3 part workshop delivered in a fun and open format that is designed to give the Professional Skin Therapist, knowledge and skills needed to achieve the first step in becoming a Dermalogica Expert.



Not a Professional Skin Therapist? We have many workshops for you including Dermalogica D.N.A. Day1 and Day 2. Once those are complete check out and register for HAPPY Retailing,  our Professional Expert series and our brand new workshop, Get the Love, Get the Sale!


Check our new workshops:


NEW! Powered Up: Pro Power Peel

This workshop requires that you have completed Pro Power Peel Workshop


NEW! Powered Up: Resurfacing

Available at your local training centre and by d-streaming!


NEW! Get the Love, Get the Sale

This workshop requires that you have completed HAPPY Retailig.

Available in Toronto and d-streaming for Professional Skin Therapists and Non Therapists


Segment Workshops - hands on, half day workshops for Professional Skin Therapists
• Treatment Essentials: Aging (different from and replacing AGE Smart® workshops)*
• Treatment Essentials: Sensitive (different from and replacing UltraCalming™ workshops)*
• Treatment Essentials: Adult Breakouts (different from and replacing MediBac Clearing® workshops)*

*past equivalents will be accepted on our current Expert Checklist .


Advanced Workshops - theory driven, half day workshops for Professional Skin Therapists and Non Therapists
• Professional Expert: Aging
• Professional Expert: Sensitivity
• Professional Expert: Adult Breakouts
• Professional Expert: Hyperpigmentation



Plan your education journey with our Expert Program checklist.

Head on over to Book a Workshop in the Classroom Learning section to get your journey started.