Expert Program
Expert Program

What is the Dermalogica Expert Program?


This three-tiered program is designed with you, the professional skin therapist, in mind. The Expert Program is here to help you further your knowledge and position you as one of the top Professional Skin Therapists in the world.


As you complete each tier, you’ll enjoy climbing higher up the ladder of success, achieving the ultimate mark of professionalism and all the benefits that come with it!


how it works
Beginning with Dermalogica D.N.A., once completed you will be Dermalogica Certified.

You may then go on to complete the workshops in the Specialist and Expert tiers in whatever order you wish. Once each tier is complete, you will recieve a certificate and pin highlighting your achievement.

The Expert Checklist is now shorter than ever to complete! Register and complete 11 workshops on our checklist in order to be eligible to take the Expert Assessment.


program perks*
• Receive retail size products of selected launches deliver to your skin centre
• Prime seating at launches and events
• Expert Apron, Pin and Framed Certificate
• Become featured on our Find an Expert page for Dermalogica consumers

*available to Experts who have maintained their status and are working at an authorized Dermalogica Skin Centre that is featured on Store Locator


maintain your status
Once you become a Dermalogica Expert, each following year you will need to attend any four Dermalogica workshops and/or events to maintain your Expert status.

Not sure if you've maintainted your status this year? Head over to the My Education - My Workshops section and look at the completed workshops for this year year and any future bookings you may have.


Expert Evaluation - please note this is voluntary and not a requirement to maintain status

Already and Expert and not sure what workshops to take to maintain your Expert status?

Complete our new, online, Expert Evaluation to see what workshops are best suited to heighten your skill set.

This evaluation is intended to help you be more confident with Dermalogica, but sometimes, you just don't know where to start.

The evaluation will take about 20 minutes to complete and it will give you workshop suggestions based on an incorrect answer.

Why should I take this evaluation?

The goal of this is to gain insight into areas that could elevate our education to further serve our skin therapists.

Once you’ve completed the Expert Evaluation, the final page will let you know which workshops we suggest that you book based on your individual needs. We take it to heart when talk about personalization!

be sure to take note of which workshops we recommend while you are taking the evaluation – you can’t go back and check :/

Click here to complete the expert evaluation


Stay connected!

If you move to a new skin centre or your contact or name info changes, let us know.

  • Expert Program Checklist

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