Expert Program
Expert Program

What is the Dermalogica Expert Program?

The Dermalogica Expert Program globally recognizes top tier professional skin therapists who have invested in their education to become the ultimate skin health guide to their clients.


Being a Dermalogica Expert is our way of recognizing Professional Skin Therapists as a trusted source of credible advice and treatment. Clients seeing a Dermalogica Expert can be assured that they will receive the very best advice, not only in the treatment room, but homecare recommendations, product and ingredient usage tips that fit in with their unique lifestyle and preferences.


The Expert Program is facilitated in over 80 countries worldwide at Dermalogica training centres and comprises of a series of hands-on and theory workshops, which lead up to a hands-on practical assessment.


With over 4,700 students participating in Dermalogica workshops at our training centres across Canada, we are proud to call out 300+ Dermalogica Experts across the nation.



how it works
Beginning with Dermalogica D.N.A., once completed you will be Dermalogica Certified.

You may then go on to complete the workshops in the Specialist and Expert tiers in whatever order you wish.

Once each tier is complete, you will recieve a certificate ahighlighting your achievement.


Register and complete 11 workshops on our checklist in order to be eligible to take the Expert Assessment.


program perks*
• Receive retail size products of selected launches 
• Exclusive Expert only programs or initiatives
• Expert Apron, Pin and Framed Certificate
• Become featured on our Find an Expert page for Dermalogica consumers

*available to Experts who have maintained their status and are working at an authorized Dermalogica Skin Centre that is featured on Store Locator


maintain your status
Once you become a Dermalogica Expert, each following year you will need to attend any four Dermalogica workshops per year to maintain your Expert status. You can choose any four workshops that you find on our Book a Workshop calendar for any location.


Not sure if you've maintained your status this year?

When logged in, look for your name at the top of the page. 

If you see an orange E beside your name, your status is presently Expert.
If you see a grey E beside your name, your status is presently Expert Inactive.

 Head over to the My Education - My Workshops section and look at the completed workshops for this year and any future bookings you may have. 


If you don't have four workshops registered/completed head over to the Book A Workshop page to book your classes.


stay connected!

If you move to a new skin centre or your contact or name info changes, let us know.


For all Expert Assessments by d-streaming:


To continue supporting you through your education journey we are offering d-streaming Expert assessments during this time.

Allowances have been made for these Expert assessments to be both relevant and flexible to our current reality, while respecting the integrity of these assessments.

Expert Assessments should be executed according to regional guidelines and regulations.


If you have completed your Expert checklist, and satisfy either of the below requirements, we can have a discussion with you to book you into a d-stream Expert assessment.


There are 2 options for the practical d-streaming Expert Assessment. You either:


  1. 1. Are a business owner or have access to your skin centre with a treatment room equipped with Dermalogica Professional products and you have a client model. Social distancing laws based on the requirements of stage of reopening mandated for your location must be adhered to.


  1. 2. Do not have access to a treatment room, but you have a client model at home, and access to the minimum required retail products for each module


Please see below for two documents to review with more information:

  1. 1. Updated dstreaming Expert Assessment Expectations
  2. 2. Updated dstreaming Expert Assessment Requirements 

Please call 1.866.618.1116 x 3 to book your assessment. We are available weekdays 9am - 5pm ET

Or you can call 1.800.997.6799 Mondays - Wednesdays 9am - 5pm PT

Please be prepared to answer which option you will perform your assessment from the two choices above.


If you have completed all required workshops but you cannot meet either of the above requirements/expectations please reach out to us once you are back at your salon or once we are offering in person workshops at our training centres.


We are fully dedicated to helping you on your education journey and we can’t wait to see you become a Dermalogica Expert!

  • Updated d-streaming Expert Assessment Expectations

    Please see our updated Expert Assessment expectations that will offer you two options to complete our Expert Assessment by dstreaming.

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  • Updated Expert Assessment d-streaming requirements

    Click below for an update checklist with product and model requirements for d-streaming Expert Assessments.

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  • View your Expert Journey

    Click here to see how many workshops you've completed in our current program

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  • Expert Program Checklist

    Click here to download  your Expert Checklist

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  • Expert Assessment Resources Links

    Looking for more info aside from your workbook?

    Click here for links to study resources on our education website!

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