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Due to the declared COVID-19 pandemic, all TORONTO, MONTREAL AND VANCOUVER location workshops  until June 30th  are cancelled.


A full-time east & west coast d-streaming calendar is now live, please select your preferred location below and click here for more info on dstreaming 



Dermalogica workshops require that Professional Skin Therapists are Dermalogica Certified or higher.

Register and attend our three-part workshop, Dermalogica D.N.A, to become Certified.


Dermalogica workshops require that Non Therapists register and attend Dermalogica D.N.A Day 1 - Discovering Top Sellers and Dermalogica D.N.A Day 2 - Navigating Targeted Systems as prerequisites for any other workshop.


Some additional workshops also have prerequisites, check the description when booking.


For more info on d-streaming including all workshop requirements, click here

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