1. Q:  I've never taken Dermalogica workshops, where do I start?

    Begin your journey with Dermalogica D.N.A and become Dermalogica Certified

    This exciting hands-on 3 part workshop  is delivered in a fun and open format that is designed to give you, the Professional Skin Therapist, knowledge and skills needed to achieve the first step in becoming a Dermalogica Expert.

    Once you complete all three Dermalogica D.N.A. workshops, you will be Dermalogica Certified and you may register for any and all of our other workshops.

    Dermalogica workshops require that Professional Skin Therapists are Dermalogica Certified or higher.

  2. Q:  Do any workshops have prerequisites?

    Yes, our primary workshop prerequisite for Professional Skin Therapists is to be Dermalogica Certified or higher.

    Become Certified by completing Dermalogica DNA.


    Prerequisites for Non Therapists are  DNA Day 1 and DNA Day 2.


    Some workshops within our curriculum may have additional prerequisites. Check what those are in the description box for each class you are booking in the Book a Workshop calendar.

  3. Q:  I'm not a Professional Skin Therapist. What workshops can I take?

    All non-therapists (managers, owners, reception, makeup artist, hair stylists) are welcome to take Dermalogica D.N.A. Day 1 Discovering Tops Sellers. You will get to discover and play with our top selling products by experiencing them on your own skin, which is the perfect way to strengthen your retail knowledge.

    Follow this workshop by attending Dermalogica D.N.A Day 2  Navigating Targeted Systems.

    Navigating Targeted Systems is your guide to learning all about Dermalogica’s advanced retail product systems that directly work to prevent or correct specific skin concerns.  

     As you navigate through this workshop you will gain knowledge about the causes and influences of different skin conditions such as aging, sensitivity, hyperpigmentation and acne.


    Once those are complete, check out and register for HAPPY Retailing, our Professional Expert series and our brand new workshop Get the Love, Get the Sale!

  4. Q:  How can I tell what workshops I've booked for?

    When logged in, select My Education - My Workshops.

    You'll see your past, wait list and future workshops listed.

  5. Q:  How can I tell if I am Dermalogica Certified, Specialist or Expert?

    Check your journey when logged in as a student, go to My Education - View Expert Journey.

    You can also follow along with our Expert Checklist. You can find this in the Expert Program section of this website.

    If you need help understanding your status, please email or call us.

  6. Q:  How do I maintain my Expert status?

    Any Expert is required to complete 4 workshops per calendar year EXCEPT for the year that you achieved Expert status.  You can take these 4 workshops at our On Tour locations, training centres and d-streaming east and west coast.


    If you do not complete 4 workshops per calendar year, your Expert status will be set to Inactive. Consider your Expert status is now ‘asleep’.


    Once 4 workshops are complete in the following calendar year, your Expert status will be set to Active. Consider your Expert status is now ‘awake’ for the rest of the calendar year.


    Check your education history (including future booked, wait list workshops) by logging into your profile on this education website here and selecting My Education – My Workshops in the menu bar.

  7. Q:  How do I register for the Expert Assessment?

    You can check the Book a Workshop calendar for available dates/times/locations - but you cannot book online.

    Once all of your required workshops are complete, call or email us to book.

    Not sure what workshops you need? Click on My Education- My Workshops section and compare your bookings on our current Expert Checklist found here

  8. Q:  Should I wear a uniform?

    We require Professional Skin Therapist attire for all practical workshops.

    You may wear your skin centre uniform, alternatively you may wear a pair of scrubs.

    Additionally flat shoes, hair back (if applicable) and short nails are all required for workshop participation.

    You can see which workshops require this uniform in the workshop description under Book A Workshop.

  9. Q:  What is your cancellation policy?

    Cancellation Policy

    A $25-$50 cancellation fee is charged per workshop, if 2 business days' notice isn't given.

    To cancel a workshop please call us in advance at 1-866-618-1116 or email bookings.ca@dermalogica.com

    We are available Mondays - Fridays 9am - 5pm EST exlcuding holidays.


  10. Q:  What do I need to know before I come to my next workshop?

    Please note that our workshops begin promptly at the workshop start time. Should you arrive 15 minutes or more late for a workshop you may be asked to retake the entire workshop in order to recieve credit.


    Some workshops require prelearning before you arrive for the workshop. Click here to access those pre-learning materails.


    If you are attending a d-streaming workshop, click here for more information on what you need to know before you begin your workshop.


    Have questions? Call us at 1.866.618.1116 or email at bookings.ca@dermalogica.com

    We are available Mondays - Fridays 9am - 5pm EST excluding holidays.

  11. Q:  I am a Skin Centre owner/manager but I can’t see a staff member's details when I log in as a Skin Centre?

    If you do not see your employee listed, email or call us so that we can update this information in our database.

    You can reach us Monday - Friday 9am - 530pm EST excluding holidays at 1.866.618.1116 or bookings.ca@dermalogica.com

  12. Q:  Still not sure?

    We hope that this Education website contains everything you need to know to plan and develop your education with Dermalogica, however if you would like to speak to one of our staff at 1.866.618.1116 or email at bookings.ca@dermalogica.com

    We are available Mondays - Fridays 9am - 5pm EST excluding holidays.