d-streaming how to
d-streaming how to

For all d-streaming east and west coast workshops until  June 30:

there are no model, product, webcam requirements for the following workshops:


  • Treatment Essential: Series

  • H.A.P.P.Y. retailing

  • Dermalogica Signature Services

  • Science Behind: Series

  • Dermalogica DNA Series

  • Powered Up: Resurfacing

  • Pro Power Peel Workshop

  • Advanced Modalities

  • Touch Therapies (you can be your own model!)


You can participate in these workshops from your tablet, smartphone or computer from whereever you are!


For all Expert Assessments by d-streaming until June 30:


To continue supporting you through your education journey we are offering d-streaming Expert assessments during this time and we have various availability in the month of May.

Allowances have been made for these Expert assessments to be both relevant and flexible to our current reality, while respecting the integrity of these assessments.

Read more about these updated expectations below by clicking each link.



If you have completed your Expert checklist, and satisfy either of the below requirements, we can have a discussion with you to book you into a d-streaming Expert assessment.

To check your education journey click here



Respecting the current social distancing protocols, your client model needs to be a partner or family member that you have been living with.


There are 2 options for the d-streaming expert Assessment. You either:

a) Are a business owner or have access to your skin centre with a treatment room equipped with Dermalogica Professional products (see d-streaming Expert Assessment requirements attached) and you have a client model.

b) Do not have access to a treatment room, but you have a client model at home, and access to the minimum required retail products for each module products (see attached d-streaming Expert Assessment Requirements)


If you have completed all required workshops and If you can meet one of these updated requirements please call 1.866.618.1116 x 0 to book your assessment. We are available weekdays 9am - 5pm ET
Please be prepared to answer which option you will perform your assessment from the two choices above.


If you have completed all required workshops but you cannot meet either of the above requirements/expectations please reach out to us once you are back at your salon or once we are offering in person workshops at our training centres.


We are fully dedicated to helping you on your education journey and we can’t wait to see you become a Dermalogica Expert!



Join us in the classroom, virtually with Dermalogica d-streaming.


Now available to all Professional Skin Therapists, Non Therapists, Managers & Owners of an authorized Dermalogica Skin Centre all across Canada!


Check out our video on d-streaming here!

Here's what you need to know before booking your next d-streaming workshop:


  • workshops are available to book from our d-streaming west coast location (run in Pacific Standard/Daylight Time Zone)  or our d-streaming east coast location (run in Eastern Standard/Daylight Time Zone). Choose either location in our Book A Workshop calendar.
  • Once you are registered for any workshop, you will receive an email with the workshop link and workbook one - two business days before the workshop date. If a public holiday is just before your workshop date, you may reiceve this email on the morning of your workshop.
  • Be sure to check what time zone you are located in and what time zone your workshop is booked for to ensure you are logging in at the correct time for the workshop.
  • You will need to login 15 minutes prior to the workshop to ensure you are connected and to recieve instructions from your instructor. If you login after the workshop start time, you may be asked to retake the workshop.
  • Pro Power Peel, Touch Therapies, Dermalogica Signature Services, Treatment Essentials Series, and Expert Assessment require products, a model, webcam and a mic for workshop credit - click below for a printable needs list for each workshop that has these requirements.
  • d-streaming workshops are run using a program called GoTo Meeting. New to GoToMeeting? Get the app now here and be ready when your first meeting starts and test your device by clicking here
  • A maximum of two attendees per device for a hands on workshop. For all other workshops, more than two attendees per device is fine. When starting your workshop, please type the first and last name(s) when prompted at login.
  • GoTo Meeting will save your login name for next time on your device. You can change your name(s) if needed on the GoTo Meeting navigation pane. If we don't see your name(s), you will not get workshop credit.
  • Now that you are prepared, click here to Book A Workshop

See you online!